PT Nyonya Meneer, Company
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PT Nyonya Meneer, Company


Indonesia, Jakarta, Jl. Jendral Sudirman Kav.25




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PT Nyonya Meneer, Company

PT. Nyonya Meneer is remarkable and is one from which everyone can learn from. It started when Mrs. Meneer, a Sidoarjo born woman, followed her husband to move to Semarang. The name "Meneer" did not denote "mister" in Dutch. In fact, in Javanese, menir refers to crushed rice, and this name was given to her as Meneer's mother craved for menir rice during her pregnancy. Mrs. Meneer went through hardship as her husband fell ill and did not recover despite countless treatments and medications. This inspired Mrs. Meneer to begin trying to compound her own jamu - traditional medicine made of natural herbs. The Jamu she compounded proved to work as her husband recovered from the illness. The quality of Mrs. Meneer's jamu was later acknowledged by many people. As it transformed into a successful home business, the portrait on the packages of her jamu became a trademark. It was for the loyal customers recognize the product is being high quality. Since then, the sole proprietorship had been expanding into a large corporation, PT. Nyonya Meneer celebrates its 88th anniversary in 2007. For 88th years, the family business has been going through ups and downs. They involved conflicts regarding company ownership within the family and painful dispute among siblings. However, the relentless struggle of the company's successors allowed PT. Nyonya Meneer to survive and retain its triumphs. Today, PT. Nyonya Meneer is led by DR. Charles Saerang as the company's third-generation successors. It has been said that building is easier than maintaining; and this is proven to be somewhat true, however the family intends to continue the tradition of Mrs. Meneer and her visions for helping the people of Indonesia.


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